Sunday, July 21, 2013

eBay Items of the Week: 7/21/13 - 7/28/13

eBay Items of the Week!
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Marshalltown, IA 

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 

Vintage Lori-Lynn Motel Postcard
Hannibal, MO

Vintage Magnolia Motor Hotel
Vicksburg, Mississippi

Vintage Cramer's Cabins Postcard
7 Miles East of Butler, PA

Vintage Triple-S Blue Stamp Saver Book
Stop and Save Stamp Corporation

World's Fair Ashtray

Published 1904

Printed 1906

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Hey History girl!

My wife and I have been following you on FB. These are some nice finds you have from your travels. If you ever run into anything significant we are very much into buying, trading, and selling ephemera and other paper items. We had a great learning experience when we found an amazing collection of real photo postcards from the undivided back era.

Thanks for your interesting NJ stories we enjoy them greatly

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