Monday, August 4, 2014

Organization of the Week: The Delaware River Mill Society

Every Monday, I highlight a non-profit related to history or the arts, a historical society, preservation group or friends group whose main objective is to promote the historical and artistic history of New Jersey.

This week, I am featuring the Delaware River Mill Society in Stockton, New Jersey. In 1969, Donald Jones bought the Prallsville Mills property for the purpose of transferring it to the State of New Jersey, which happened in 1973. In 1976, when the State of New Jersey was unable to fund the restoration of the complex, local citizens formed Delaware River Mill Society and obtained a long-term lease, which gives the Mill Society the responsibility to “restore, preserve, operate, maintain and interpret” the site. Today the complex includes a linseed oil and saw mills, grain silo, lumber shed, the miller’s residence, feed storage building, pork salt house, and other sheds and storage facilities.

Since founding the organization, the mill complex has become a hub of cultural and environmental events. Concerts, art exhibitions, antique shows, holiday parties, school fund-raiser auctions, meetings, as well as private parties, are a source of income for restoration and maintenance of the site. Buildings on the property also serve as office space for non-profit organizations such as the Delaware River Scenic Byway, Delaware River Greenway Partnership, Artsbridge, and River Union Stage.

The Delaware River Mill Society relies on memberships, fundraising, and countless volunteers to continue its mission. For more information on programs, special events, and exhibits hosted by the Delaware River Mill Society or to become a member or volunteer, please call 609-397-3586 or visit

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