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Antique Items of the Week: 12/15/13 - 12/22/13

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Sunbeam T-35 Vintage Toaster
Produced from late 50s - late 60s

Vintage Women's Canadian Zephyr Ice Skates - Size 7
See more details on the History Girl Youtube page.
Email if interested.

Vintage Men's Roller Skates - Size 10
Email if interested.

Vintage Hightstown, NJ Potato Sack
MD Potatoes
Email if interested.


Items for sale on eBay.


Circa 1930s

Erie Railroad Company Time and Memorandum Book

Erie Railroad Company Hand Book of Special Instructions
New York Region, 1922

Direct Sale Items
If you have any questions, need additional photos, or are interested in any of the items below, please send an e-mail to Payment via PayPal and all items will be shipped via regular U.S. mail.

Erie Railroad Time Table
August 17, 1947
Shipping: $1.25

Erie Railroad Time Table
June 24, 1944
Shipping: $1.25

Erie Railroad Company
Time Return and Delay Report of Engine and Train Employees
More than twenty sheets in a "pad" style
More than one available - just ask!
Shipping: $3.25

Atlantic Coast Line Time Tables
The Standard Railroad of the South
January 1922
There is a tear in the one page (see third photo).
Pages are not stapled but show no evidence of a staple ever existing.
Shipping: $1.25

Lot of Ten Railroad Train Tickets
Two tickets from Sunday, Jan. 3 / One from Friday, Jul. 26 (no year) - Philadelphia Transit Co.
Three from Cumberland Division (all January, no year) - Philadelphia Transit Co.
One from NY State Railways, dated August 25, 1934
One from Erie Railroad Co., NY to Port Jervis, November 27, 1938
One from Erie Railroad Co., NY to Port Jervis, November 25, 1952
One from Erie Railroad Co., NY to Port Jervis, January 15, 1953
Shipping: $1.00

 Erie Railroad Company
New York Division and New Jersey and New York Railroad
Superintendent's Office
Jersey City, June 10, 1906
 Numbers and Locations of Automatic Signals
Includes 10 unused "Telegraph Report of Automatic Block Signals"
Shipping: $1.80

25 Vintage Model Railroader & Model Railroad Craftsman Magazines
1963 & 1964
Pick-up only!


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