Monday, November 25, 2013

Organization of the Week: Friends of Woodland Cemetery

Every Monday, I highlight a non-profit related to history or the arts, a historical society, preservation group or friends group whose main objective is to promote the historical and artistic history of New Jersey.

This week, I am featuring the Friends of Woodland Cemetery. Since early 2013, the revived Friends of Woodland Cemetery have been working to revitalize the grounds of this historic Newark, New Jersey cemetery and to help coordinate volunteer efforts. The Friends work with local schools, community groups, and interested persons to organize a number of clean-up days throughout the year. After more than thirty years of vandalism and neglect at the site, the Friends are working to apply for grants to rehabilitate and reopen the historic Gothic revival gatehouse and for other projects, which include installing fencing, uprighting thousands of grave markers, and general grounds cleanup.

The Friends of Woodland Cemetery relies on countless volunteers to continue its mission. For more information on programs, special events, and clean-up days hosted by the  Friends of Woodland Cemetery or to volunteer, please call 973-824-7295 or visit

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