Monday, December 17, 2012

Historical Organization of the Week: Preservation New Jersey

Every Monday, I highlight a non-profit related to history or the arts, a historical society, preservation group or friends group whose main objective is to promote the historical and artistic history of New Jersey.

This week, I am featuring Preservation New Jersey. Founded in 1978, Preservation New Jersey (PNJ) advocates for and promotes historic preservation as a sustainable strategy to protect and enhance the vitality and heritage of New Jersey’s richly diverse communities. PNJ is the only statewide private membership-supported historic preservation organization in New Jersey.

Each year, Preservation New Jersey publishes the 10 Most Endangered Historic Places in NJ list, which draws attention to remarkable sites throughout the state and to their many challenges. PNJ also publishes a newsletter, online magazine, and informational publications for homeowners and groups interested in historic preservation practices. PNJ also advocates for public policy at the local, state and federal levels to ensure preservation and sustainability of New Jersey's most precious historic resources.

Preservation New Jersey relies on memberships, fundraising, and countless volunteers to continue its mission. For more information on programs, special events, and publications, or to become a member or volunteer, please visit or call 609-392-6409.

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Thanks, History Girl, for highlighting the work of Preservation NJ. As a Board member with PNJ, I am aware of the work that is done by its staff and volunteers to help advocate for and promote historic preservation. But I also know of the amount there is to do, and the need for more people to join the cause in whatever way they can. We hope that fans of History Girl will also become supporters of PNJ and its efforts across the state, so that together we can continue to advocate for historic preservation and the heritage of our state! - Helen Kull

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