Monday, December 19, 2011

Vintage Tins

Christmas is just days away!

I am excited to be on break from school. It is very nice to not have to wake up at 7am each day. I do miss class somewhat however. I find that I'm constantly trying to do productive things... which I suppose is very good! Anyways, Tommy and I have visited a few estate sales over the past weeks. We found a great find at one of them in Millington, NJ (my town!). We bought 5 vintage tins. I actually have 3 of them for sale in my new ecrater shop.



I used to have a serious beer can collection and I'd search for them everywhere; even outside with metal detectors. Seeing these tins reminds me of that former life. These days I collect antique crayon boxes. I have nearly 3,000 different ones going back to the 1800s. Fortunately they are all neatly displayed which keeps me from being labelled a hoarder.

That sounds pretty cool! Do you have any photos? I would love to see your collection.

The collection was part of a documentary here:

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