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Monday, September 5, 2011

Fort Nonsense

Washington Valley, NJ

Yesterday we explored Morris County, NJ. We came across a cute little school house in Washington Valley, NJ. It was originally built 1813 but then demolished and rebuilt 1869.

Our next stop was Fort Nonsense. Located in Morristown, NJ it is believed the fort was used during the Revolutionary War as a fire signal site. These fire signals were pyramids of wood and brush that would be lit if the enemy (Brittish) were coming. These fire signals could be seen for miles around.

Last but not least was a little cemetery in Bedminster. There were a few gravestones from the 18th century. We also found a couple tombstones with mistakes. Back then, gravestone makers obviously did not have the technology of today... if they were a little careless they ended up with some mistakes on the tombstones. See these two pictures: They did not leave enough space for the 1788 to fit on one line and in the other they forgot the name David.